Premierís Council on Youth Opportunities

Want to make a difference in the lives of Ontario youth? Bring the voice of your peers to the table. Apply to become a member of the Premierís Council on Youth Opportunities. We want to hear from you on how best to improve our programs and services for youth so that young people in Ontario have every opportunity to succeed.

Things to know about the council:

  • The Premierís Council on Youth Opportunities is a 25-member group of youth (ages 16 to 25), young professionals and leaders. The council gives advice to the Premier of Ontario and the Minister of Children and Youth Services on issues affecting youth. The council also gives advice on how the government can improve programs and services for youth.
  • Council members also talk to youth in their home communities to bring even more voices into government decision-making.
  • Members are appointed for one year terms with the possibility for re-appointment.

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Public Appointment Secretariat. To countact the council, please email

How to apply:

Applying to the council is a four step process. Have your resume ready.

Visit the Public Appointments Secretariat for the application. You need to read through the information in the orange box and check off "I Agree" before clicking "continue".

Step 1

  • Fill out "Step #1" of the application form with your name and contact information.
  • Click "Next Step".

Step 2

  • On "Step #2" under "Agencies List", scroll down to the letter "P".
  • Find and click on "Premierís Council on Youth Opportunities" to highlight it.
  • Click "Add Selected".
  • A new box will pop up.
  • In the "Position" drop-box, select "Member (Part-time)" and click "Next Step".

Step 3

  • Pull out your resume to help you fill out "Step #3" (2 pages), which asks for your education, employment experience and community work.
  • Click "Next Step".

Step 4

  • You will see an Application Summary.
  • Read through it and click "Submit" if you do not have any changes. If you have changes, click "Edit" to go back.
  • You can also print the form. Your application is now complete.

We thank you for your interest. Only those selected for the council will be contacted.

More information:

  • The application for the Premierís Council on Youth Opportunities is open year-round. All applicants will be kept on file for consideration for openings in the future.
  • Read the latest update from the Council
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